Thursday, October 1, 2009

The beginning of an addiction.....

A couple of years ago, after my husband and I were talking about our future retirement plans, I realized that I didn’t have anything to keep myself busy once I stopped working. Apparently, shopping and beautification doesn’t count. So, I started looking for an activity that would be social and keep me active until I was carted out in a pine box.

Cooking? Hubby already has that area covered and I have the waist line to prove how good he is! Gardening? Sure, but it gets boring after Spring. Already enjoy a monthly Book Club and already belong to a Ladies Club that meets every couple of months. Tried activities with my dogs, but I found it very competitive, which I am not.

I tried golfing, thinking that I could spend time with my husband. Hated it. What’s with all that walking, sweating, and suffering the heat? And shorts are not a good look for me. Although, I have to say, I didn’t mind sipping a nice cool alcoholic beverage on the patio of the clubhouse afterwards. But sitting on a patio, sipping a vodka soda and watching others golf was not quite what I had in mind as my activity.

What about learning how to play Bridge? My parents love Bridge and have had some great Bridge weekend parties. The only card game I know is Crazy 8’s, but I thought “how difficult could it be?” Well, it’s difficult. Way too difficult for me.

Just when I thought I may have to resort to taking up quilting, some friends were talking about horseback riding camp for their kids. Horseback riding? Why not?! Galloping on a great steed, the wind blowing through my hair…..SOLD!

What was I thinking….???


  1. Just read this for the very first time. So very awesome; Love your thinking!