Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An Award!

I am quite flattered that Mare over Simply Horse Crazy, Gabriella at Horse Dayz and Canterbalance have given me this award. Thank you ladies!!

The rules are quite simple:

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award

2. Share 7 things about yourself

3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers

4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!

Seven things about myself....hmmm....

1) I used to spend a lot of money on clothing. I was introduced to the paying-a-bit-more-means-better-quality concept by my mother (the Ava Gardner look alike, remember?). If you had asked me 10 years ago if I would wear jeans to work or out socializing, I would have said you were crazy. My how times have changed... :-)

2) I own way too many shoes....mostly sandals. Seeing painted toes through sandals makes me feel good. I rarely wear flat shoes; 3 inch heels are the norm.

3) I read.... a lot... I organized a small book club 10 years ago and we meet about every 6 weeks. We all get a chance to pick a book. We are not into the heavy duty stuff - what we read is for pure entertainment. BTW, our top books (10/10 rating) are To Kill a Mockingbird, A Fine Balance and The Kite Runner. We just finished The Summer of Katya (7/10).

4) I love music....all kinds of music. It gives me energy. I have always had a radio at my desk and I have been caught numerous times by co-workers dancing away in my chair or singing along.

5) My mother spent her childhood in Agra, India so I grew up with South Asian/Indian cooking and consider this my comfort food. Basmati rice is a staple in my home and my favourite dishes are biryani, butter chicken, and kofta curry.

6) My immediate family lives within a 30 mile radius, but I also have relatives in England, Australia and Newfoundland.

7) I am not a bystander and believe in getting involved if I see an injustice.

My blogger friends have been very supportive of me over the last year. It's Quarters for Me, Tucker the Wunderkind, A Year with Horses, Santana's Diary, Grey Horse Matters, Canterbalance, Horsecentric and Horse of Course have been with me from the beginning. The rule is to list 15 newly discovered blogs. These are newish to me, some more than others, some have horse connections and some don't!
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  15. Wolf Conservation Centre


  1. Congratulations on your award! You deserve it. It's nice to get to know you a little better. I love sandals too, but if I wore 3 inch heels anymore I'd probably fall off them and hurt myself. I'm with you I love music too but have stopped singing at the request of others. The last time I belted out a tune it took the dogs months to grow their hair back!

  2. Thank you! Wow, those are all really interesting things. I'm very unfamiliar with Indian food. The only time I had it was at a very bad buffet so it sort of put me off but I've been really wanting to try some good Indian food.

  3. Story - Start with Butter Chicken and Basmati rice. It is a very mild but aromatic meal. Great, now I'm hungry.....

  4. Thanks very much!!! Which reminds me, I need to post on that blog!! My IW isn't getting any smaller, that's for sure.

    I love your list--although, I think I'm going the opposite direction of you. I started out CHEAP in all categories--clothes, shoes, bedsheets--and I'm trying to get somewhere in the middle--maybe we'll meet there!

    3" heels--WOW! My husband and I are the same height, so I gave up on the heels.

    And the book club and how long it's lasted is very impressive to me. Good for you!

    Thanks again!

  5. Hi Linda - I have to admit that my 3 inchers are moving more towards shoes with a bit of a platform....easier on the back, yet still look good with jeans. :-) The Book Club is a lot of fun. We meet in a restaurant and I think at this stage it's more about the socializing than it is about the book!

  6. How did you go about getting a book club started! I love to read but since I graduated, I can't seem to stay motivated enough to finish a book. I NEEEED some more friends in my life and the motivation to read more-- bookclub seems like a great solution!!!

  7. That sounds like my kind of food, I'm officially inviting myself over for dinner. Can you make something with coriander in it? :)

    That's so funny, you go for sandals while I go for boots. BTW- I'm wearing a new pair of ankle boots today, that just happen to have a three inch heel.

  8. Hi Rachel - It was not complicated. It actually started as a conversation over lunch with a couple co-workers who admitted that they had never read To Kill a Mockingbird (horrors!!). They agreed to read it and discuss it over beer and pizza. Word spread, they invited their friends and co-workers and soon we were up to 8 people, including two guys! We capped it at 8 because its still an easy number to get a reservation for at a restaurant and if a few members can't come, there are still enough people to make the discussion interesting. We meet about every 6 weeks - lots of time to get and read the book. Everyone gets to pick a book and to attend the discussion dinner you have to complete reading at least 75% of the book. The person who chooses the book finds the questions for discussion. Since it started we have all moved on to other places of employment, but the book club is still going strong. I have made some good friends through this activity. I would be happy to provide you with a list of some of the books that we have read - let me know!

  9. Shannon - You are welcome for dinner any time!! I am sure I could whip up something that has coriander in it. :-)

    You just reminded me that I have ankle boots in for repair that need to be picked up!

  10. Hi Laughingwolf! Welcome! I am looking forward to getting to know your blog.

  11. Congrats on the blog award, you are very deserving:-)
    How cool to read interesting things about you!
    I used to work in a funky clothing store and spent all my money on clothes, but hated jeans! I never thought I'd wear them either, but then started in my mid 30's, lol! now it's funny how they go with everything. Good job on the 3" heels, I'd probably break my neck in something that high!
    I read 2 of your top 3 books, and love reading too. You are lucky to have found great people who also like to read, and who have stuck with it.

    thanks for answering my question on your last post, I never knew horses could play and have fun! it reminded me of a video I came across, and I went looking for it to show you.
    this guy is too cute!

    you are a dear for passing the award on to me, thank you! I am honored :-)
    (but I will warn you, I am notorious for never following through with the rules, lol!).


  12. thx, welcome to return, any time...

  13. Hi Pink! Thanks for sharing the link of the horse playing. Very cute! Hey, no pressure to follow the rules!! :-)