Monday, March 14, 2011

Melissa, the Mummy Sleep and the Mare

Well, I was in Toronto for part of the weekend with my sister. We went to see Melissa Etheridge perform at Massey Hall. We caught the 5:45 a.m. train on Friday morning. With the train leaving that early in the morning, I had to do the Mummy Sleep. What is the Mummy Sleep, you ask? Well, it means that I shower, reapply my make up and fix my hair before I go to bed and then sleep in the same position (on my back) until the alarm goes off (in this case 4:15 a.m.). The Mummy Sleep allows me to sleep up to the last possible moment. All I have to do is throw on my clothes (ironed the night before), brush my teeth and apply lipstick when I get up. When I arrive at the train station, I am the best looking one there. :-)

Business class is very civilized. I love it. You get served a hot breakfast and fresh coffee. The seats are big and adjustable. When you have to spend about 4 hours on the train, it's nice to be comfortable.

Wow. What a performance. Melissa really knows how to rock it out. She did every one of my favourites and they sounded pretty much like the recorded version. Quite an accomplishment considering she had a drummer and two guitarists backing her up. She sang and played solid for over two hours. Where does she get the energy????

Serena Ryder, a very talented young lady, opened for Melissa. I believe she is touring in the U.S., so if she comes to a place near you I would highly recommend you go see her. It was evident that Melissa and Serena shared a professional affection for each other. Melissa called Serena back out on the stage a few times. Serena said, when she first came out to the cheers of her home-town audience, that this experience was a dream come true and never in a million years did she think that she would be touring with someone like Melissa. Serena proves that wishes do come true if you wish hard enough and work hard enough. :-)

The train going home Saturday night was just as delightful and I pulled into my driveway around midnight. I got up as usual Sunday morning to go riding, but 8 hours of sitting in a train, 3 hours sitting at a concert, hours of sitting in pubs and restaurants and shopping on Saturday afternoon had taken it's toll on my back. I went out to the stables with the intent of just grooming my boy. When I arrived, half of the parking lot was a swamp, a result of the warmer temperatures and pouring rain last week. I was sinking up to my ankles in places.

As I was brushing Gem, a retired couple arrived. The woman had on a white micro-fiber ski jacket, with suede boots. The man had on a nice windbreaker and leather shoes. Not appropriate barn wear, and I wondered how they managed to get to the barn without getting a speck of mud on their clothing or shoes. I found out when I went to the clean room and saw their car parked in the private parking space next to the house; they bypassed the mud by driving right up the lane way. Who were these people?? As it turns out, they are the owners of a 3-year old mare that LA is training for them. The mare is gorgeous and has the stall right across from Gem. She very friendly, but apparently has not been exposed to a lot and can be very spooky. I have a rescue dog like that and it's taken almost 3 years to get him to the point that he doesn't go absolutely crazy when we have company over or the door bell is rung.

They cooed over their pretty girl, but didn't touch her very much, I guess because they didn't want to get dirty. :-) LA arrived and saddled up their horse and off they went to the arena. Yep, everyone got muddy. :-) LA showed the couple what she had been working on. I found out that the woman had bought this mare for herself! I get the impression that the woman and her husband bought property when they retired and I guess they would like to keep horses and ride. The horse was an impulse buy; she is pretty.

LA has worked with the mare for six weeks and was now finished with her evaluation. Although there have been vast improvements with the mare's ground manners, there are still issues when being ridden. She told this couple that the mare was too much horse for the woman. LA suggested that she sell the mare to a more experienced rider (LA would recommend someone) that could provide the training required to work the mare through her issues and that she buy horse for herself that was really broke. Or, she could leave the mare with LA (or another trainer) to train over the next 6 months and then re-evaluate. It's got to be tough to hear, but LA wants what's best for both the horse and the woman. The pretty mare, at this point, would be a dangerous ride for the woman. It makes me a little angry at the irresponsible person who sold them the mare. Clearly this couple did not understand what they were getting into and they were taken advantage of. I will give the couple credit, though, for recognizing after the fact that they needed help.

Personally, if that mare was mine, I know what my decision would be; I would continue having LA train her. I would look at it as an investment in my future with her. But, this couple are a little bit older than me, so are they willing to give up at least a year of their plans? Time seems to be in shorter supply after you cross the 50 least in my opinion. :-) I think either way, the mare will come out the winner. I am wondering what the mare's owner will decide.....

What was I thinking....


  1. Mummy, but I always wake up with a big crease down my face!

  2. Like your Mummy sleep, it would never work for me, I'd mess something up for sure.

    I did see Melissa years ago when she played Jones Beach on Long Island (that's where I grew up and lived until a few years ago). Anyway, she did put on a great show, glad you enjoyed yourself.

    It's a shame people will sell horses that are inappropriate for the buyer. Horse and rider should be matched closely. Especially if the rider is older and maybe a novice rider. Hope they leave her with LA or she can find her a good loving home.

  3. Great blog post title -- sounds like the name of a novel! What wonderful fun you had this past weekend; I congratulate you on your "Mummy" sleep -- though I could never do that. Just wearing makeup makes me tired. :-)

    I'm glad the mare's owners recognized that they all needed help and evaluation. For that reason alone, I'm hopeful that it will all work out for them *and* the mare, no matter what their final choice.

  4. Morning!

    TCP - I perfected the Mummy Sleep many years ago when I had to drive my dad to the airport for 6:00 a.m. flights. My reasoning was I could run in to a potential boyfriend at the airport and needed to look my best. :-)

    GHM - Doesn't she put on a great performance?? I do feel bad for the mare's owners. I am confident though that LA will help them no matter what they decide.

    Detroit Dog - It was a good weekend, but you know, I couldn't do that on a regular basis. I don't travel as well as I used to...I miss my bed!! :-)

  5. Well I don't know how well they're going to get on with horses if they don't want to get dirty :) I trimmed hooves on Saturday and ended up covered in mud. Ah, the joy of spring.

    Glad Melissa's still rocking out, my parents went to a show of hers about 10 years ago and said she was fantastic.

  6. Shannon - I know! I don't think they have any idea. Wow, look at you trimming hooves! I like your take charge attitude. YOUR PARENTS saw Melissa 10 years ago? Thanks very much for making me feel old!! :-)

  7. Reading this makes me realise just how long its been since I've been to a concert. Glad you had a good time. Haven't heard much in the way of Melissa songs recently...
    Mummy sleep -- love it!
    Hope that lady makes the right decision for her & the pretty mare.

  8. Dear Wolfie, I need lessons on how to do makeup and hair and wake up looking good!

  9. Joy - I only go to concerts now if they are in a smaller venue. I can handle these events that have 10's of thousands of people.

    JPS - You crack me up! It took years of practice, Grasshopper, but I have now perfected it. :-)