Wednesday, November 2, 2011


About a month ago while visiting ltd's blog, I noticed that his beautiful Canadian Horse, L, had on a lovely "necklace". ltd explained that L wears the necklace when they go out on the trails; the bells lets critters know that ltd and his gorgeous girl are coming through. Of course, I had to have one for my boy. :-) I asked ltd where he got it from and he pointed me to Zephyr Equine Gifts.

I immediately went to Zephyr's site. These "necklaces" are actually Rhythm Beads. As a training aid, it helps to remove distracting noises that might potentially spook a horse. In addition, the rhythm provides a focus on gaits and assists the coordination of rider movements. The soft jingle can also help calm a nervous horse or rider. As a safety aid, it lets hunters and wildlife know where you are. It appears that the Rhythm Beads may have started out as part of Native American culture, worn to protect both rider and horse from evil spirits and to provide courage. In a way, they continue to do that. :-)

My communication with Zephyr Equine Gifts couldn't have been more pleasant and helpful. Not only did I order one for my beautiful boy, I also ordered two extra Rhythm Beads as gifts. They arrived last week. The bells have a nice sound and the beads used are lovely and bright in colour.

There are tassels on back order that will complete the look. :-)

Of course, when I saw the pewter wolf pendant, I had to have it. :-)

Here's one of the gift Rhythm Beads....the bells are slightly larger on these.

I like the detail on the accent beads.

Gem had his on when we went for a trail ride on Sunday. There were chuckles and snorts when I led Gem out of the barn and into the front paddock. While Rhythm Beads are gaining in popularity in other riding disciplines, it appears that the reining community (at least here) hasn't really been exposed to them. What they feel is appropriate on a horse is very traditional and I guess putting "jewelry" on a horse is just not "cowboy". I explained to my two riding buddies the safety benefits and the calming aspects of the bells. They have experienced deer or wild turkeys spooking their horses out on the trails and they agreed that the bells made sense as a warning.

So out we went with the soft jingle adding to the ambiance of the trail ride. No one complained about them and I think they did have a calming effect for me. Gem wasn't bothered by the bells and didn't mind having something around his neck. So, beauty, music, calmness and safety...seems like a good combo to me. Of course, I will be a trendsetter at my barn.....once again ..... :-)


  1. I think I would like these. Hmm on the Christmas list?

  2. I'd love to have those during hunting season! I wear a vest, I put a vest over Socks' neck and I tend to sing very loudly and very badly, but it's still not enough. Those would definitly help!

    Honestly wildlife doesn't really worry me on the trail. I think it's just because of where my dad lives and whats around there, bears, cougars, coyotes and lots, and lots of deer. They see them out in the field all the time so when we see them on the trail, it's not that scary. I'd definitly want them for letting people know where we are, we've always had more problems with people than animals.

    I like how they look! Gem sure is stylish now.

  3. Looks great Wolfie! I'm tickled :)

    Everyone thought it was rather silly when I first put them on L but funny, some weeks later everyone had them!

  4. A friend of mine's sister makes those! I've also seen clips that clip right into the horses mane and serves the same purpose! I think I need some. And I think if I could convince my hubby to use some on his horse they might have a more relaxing ride which in turn would make my ride more relaxing!

  5. I'm intrigued by your comment that they can help soothe nervous horses that tend to spook. Perhaps I should get a string for Gwen?

    PS- I'm totally tickled you found one with a wolf on it ;)

  6. I think they're lovely! And I if I thought it would help my pony not spook, I would DRAPE her in bells and necklaces!

  7. They caught on huge with trail riders where I'm from. Totally cute, and they sure calm the riders down! I'm wondering if my dressage horse now needs one? They're not seen in a lot of other disciplines right now...

  8. Cjay, I make them in blaze orange with extra large bells, for hunting season. ;-) $18 plus shipping. Hope to hear from you!

    Wolfie, thank you for the positive review, and the exposure. It was a pleasure doing business with you!

    (Eastern time zone, no calls after 9pm please!)

  9. Breathe – An excellent idea....! :-)

    Cjay – Zephyr has a hunting version, too! You definitely need something to warn critters and humans where you ride!!! I love how they look, too. They accentuate Gem’s neck I think.

    ltd – Thanks for pointing me to Zephyr. I think the beads are great and I am pretty sure that once the riders at my barn see them a few times, they will want them too. :-)

    goodtimetoreview – Yes, a little clip attaches the beads to the mane. You need some. :-) I have to say that they did add to the pleasure of the ride.

    Shannon – Isn’t that wolf pendant cool? :-) The jingle is very relaxing. You know how white noise in an office environment muffles other noises? Well, it’s like the jingle is the same…it blocks out spooky stuff and provides a nice calming beat that sort of lulls you. I think Gwen would benefit from these....and she would look great. :-)

    Mona – Try them. It can’t hurt, right?? And, they are so attractive!

    Sand. – I understand that they are big in endurance riding and CTR. I still consider myself a green rider, and I could totally see how the jingle of the bells would help me understand the difference between a jog, a trot and a working trot and how different each feels. You could be a trendsetter at your barn, too…… :-)

  10. I love this idea. I just may be ordering a set for my guys! I think I might add an ID tag, or have the pertinent information put on the back of the pendant. That way, if I'm every separated from my horse, folks will know who to call.

  11. I like the way you think, Dreaming. The ID tag is an excellent suggestion.

  12. hahaha, trendsetting at the barn, I love it! Great Christmas gift idea for my trail riding parents.

    I wrote a little response to your post on my blog... and I have the idea that I might need to do a "Canada Week" on my blog (and my dad was born and raised in Alberta!)

  13. Very cool!! I think you and Gem are gonna make a new fashion trend at your barn with that :)

  14. How interesting!

    I have never seen one before, but they really do make sense.

  15. I love them and think they're a great idea. Think I might have to get some for myself. Gem of course looks beautiful in his new jewelry.

  16. Beautiful! I need one! And Dreaming, the ID tag is a great idea! I am heading over there right now to check it out :)

  17. Aww they're cute! Everyone laughs at first but they will have have them soon! That's how farm trends go!

  18. Oooh Gem, I'm jealous!! How gorgeous do you look?! And just perfect with the wolf pendant :D Obviously it was made for the two of you ;o) You wait, before you know it, EVERYONE at your barn & beyond will be following in your fashion steps!!

    Hmm ... wonder if they do international delivery ... might have to check out their website ... I may not own a horse but what the heck? A girl can't have too much bling *lol*

  19. Corinna – I would get your Christmas gift order in soon!! :-) I think you should do a Canada Week on your blog!!!

    Ruffles – Wouldn’t be the first time Gem and I have set a trend at the barn!! We are up to the task. You and Ritchie are looking fantastic, btw!

    Megan – It does, doesn’t it? Will you be starting a Rhythm Bead trend in Australia??? ;-)

    GHM – I can so see these on Blue or Dusty!!! Hope you are feeling better.

    Allison – Yes, you need one! ;-) I think Dreaming’s idea of an ID tag is spot on.

    Laura – I am pretty sure that others will want to have one, particularly when the snow flies. Nothing is more festive that the sound of bells when riding in the winter.

    Joy – Isn’t that pendant just great? :-) You know, you might find the sound of the bells relaxing during lesson. And you are right….a girl can never have enough bling.

  20. I've seen these before somewhere, can't remember where. I liked them then but thought I'd probably get laughed off the farm so chickened out. Might have to have another look.

  21. Oooohhhh, Miles SO wants one of these! He's fancy like that:) Gem looks smashing in his.

  22. Jooles - Time to be a trendsetter!! Go for it!

    Sarah - Miles would look dashing wearing one of these. ;-)

  23. Very nice. I've been wanting some for my mare.

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