Thursday, February 25, 2010

Walk this way.....

Apologies for the delay in posting. Work has been taking up a fair amount of my time.

So, I have been wearing my spurs for the last two weeks. I am apparently strap challenged when it came to putting this ensemble together. LA had to do it for me.

I was a bit nervous at first, afraid that I might hurt Gem. LA assured me that Gem would be OK. I just pressed them into his side if he did not respond to my first cue. The first time I used them, I could immediately feel a change in his posture; it was subtle but I noticed it. His ears stood up like he was paying attention. He didn't freak out. What the heck was that? LA coached me on when to use them. However, once the novelty wore off, he started to challenge me ever so slightly. It's going to take time. I need to find the "buttons" and the right pressure. He's a "teenager", always pushing the limits.

Wearing the spurs while on Gem is one thing. Wearing them when I am on the ground is quite another. My lesson are at 6:30 p.m., so this means that I have to change into my riding gear at the office and head out to the stables. It's actually a bit of a rush. So, the first time I wore them, to save time I decided to put the spurs on my boots when I got changed. Driving to the stables with the spurs on my boots was not problem. When I parked the car and started to get out, my right spur caught my left pant leg (I was wearing riding jeans) as I swung my leg out the door. Having my left leg stopped in mid-swing made my upper body tip out the door while my legs remained entangled around the gas pedal. I smashed my arm on the door frame as I stopped myself. I quickly looked around to see if anyone saw my un-cool moves. Whew - no one. I proceeded to the barn and tacked up without incident.

I always have to go to the bathroom before we ride. Perhaps it's an age thing combined with the excitement of riding. The port-a-potty is located outside at the end of the front wall of the arena. Cars are usually parked in front of the arena and the port-a-potty. I believe someone with a sick sense of humour designed the port-a-potty. Only a person weighing in at about 98 lbs could use this facility with ease. So, imagine the contortions I go through at my size (I think my hair weighs 98 lbs) with the addition of 5 layers of winter clothing. I manage, but with effort. This particular time, as I started to exit, my spur caught my pant leg again (what the heck?!). I banged around the door frame doing some sort of contorted one-legged dance, pitched forward and came flying out of the booth, door slamming behind me, and bounced off the hood of a car parked in front of the unit. Z.'s father, who was sitting in the car waiting for her, peered over the top of his newspaper, eyes wide. Oh, dear. I smiled at him and continued on my way. Embarrassed, yes. But, I am thankful that I didn't actually tip the port-a-potty over!!!

Later on that evening, after the horses were put away, LA and I were chatting. I leaned my butt against the counter in the sink room and crossed my ankles. Yep, I smashed my spur into my ankle. I'll tell you, I couldn't wait for my vodka soda when I got home that night!

I had bruises all over my arms and legs the next day. My husband asked me how I got them. "From my spurs", I replied. He just shook his head. You know, I wear high heels all day. How is it that I can walk around in them without issue and then turn into some sort of coordination/motion-challenged idiot when you put a 1/2" piece of metal sticking out the back of my heel??? *sigh*

What was I thinking....???


  1. haha! too cute. spurs were an essential with my QH. You'll get used to them and eventually feel strange w/o them. btw-- I have the same feeling regarding potapotties!

  2. Hahaha. Great story. Sounds like you need to get used to the spurs more than Gem!

  3. Rachel - I hate port-a-potties!!! But I have to say it gets replaced every week and is a lot cleaner that what I was using at the last place I was at. :-)

    Marissa - I think you may be right!!! :-)

  4. Fun post as always, Wolfie!
    And port-a-potties, with winter clothes, LOL!!!! They are not made for that!

  5. Hello HoC! You are correct - they aren't made for winter clothes! Who the heck designed these things? :-)

  6. Glad you didn't tip the potty over. I hate those things. I'll tell you one thing to watch out for with those spurs, I've been known to have them tangle in each other and almost go down. Don't ask how I did it cause I don't know either. I do know that I never walk in them anymore and if I ever do don another pair I will walk like a bow-legged cowboy. I'm not the most coordinated on the ground either.

  7. Thanks for the warning, GHM! I am comforted to know that I am not alone with regards to getting tangled up. :-)

  8. LOL! Now you've got me scared of those things. I twisted my ankle just walking in boots, I don't need any further grace challenges!

    Got an award for you over at my place. Come by!

  9. My Cheval Canadian mare is a very dominant creature. I had a problem with using spurs. I'd felt that with a "willing partner" one shouldn't need them.

    My trainer however convinced me I wasn't doing her any favors letting her challenge my legs.

    I wear spurs often and if I ever need them I just give her a little poke and it's over.