Thursday, February 25, 2010


Disclaimer: I am obviously not a professional photographer!

View from my deck this morning.....

It was so quiet and peaceful. The pictures don't do justice to our view. Big, fat snowflakes were falling.

Soon we will be drinking our morning coffee out here on our balcony, looking down at our garden...really...we will.....soon...

View from the deck this evening....

Is there a mouse under this snow..???


  1. this would be SO. PRETTY. If I werent SO SICK of SNOW ;)

  2. I know...February drags on. But it won't last! Another couple of weeks and it will all be gone. :-)

  3. It is beautiful with the snow, isn't it?
    I like it.
    What I don't like in the wintertime is the darkness. When the snow comes, everything lights up and we can work the horses.
    Which again give me a more positive perspective on it than if I only saw it as something that had to be shuffled away, I guess ;-)

  4. What a pretty backyard you have! Perfect morning coffee spot. And a very cute puppy!

  5. Wow, those pictures with the orange background are really cool! Was that from the sun going down or a light?

  6. Good morning!

    HoC - I actually don't mind the snow. It does really light up the sky at night. I can totally understand how you can ride at night.

    Marissa - Thanks! Charlie is one of our dogs. He was originally from a rescue group in Montreal and is the only officially bilingual member of our family (French and English)! :-)

    S. - The orange colour is a combo of the pinkish tinge of the sky and my flash. I wasn't expecting it to come out that way, but it is cool. :-)

  7. Very pretty pictures and you have a great view. Glad you are so upbeat about the snow and winter. I've had it and can't wait to see some green.

  8. You've got an award to pick up on my blog :)