Monday, March 15, 2010

You Look Maaaarvelous!

When Gem and I first partnered up, Jean gave me a big rubber storage bin to store my stuff in the tack room. The carrying case I have for my grooming supplies fit in it easily, with room to spare. I never in a million years thought that I would fill this tub. But, I found myself in the local tack shop weekly and could easily waste away an hour looking at stuff. I rarely left empty handed; a new brush, a new saddle pad, a new pair of Spanx-like breeches so that I look good while on Gem. :-) I now have enough treats, shampoo, conditioner, face cloths, body scrapers, fly spray, and various brushes to open my own tack store!! The stuff that I can't fit in the tub are placed on top of the lid; Gem's towel, blanket and saddle pads are all folded neatly. Overflow has somehow made it's way to my trunk.

When I am in the drug store and I see a new shampoo or lipstick or moisturizer, it calls out to me - buy me, buy me! I will use it for a while and, more often then not, the half full or barely used product will go into MY Tupperware bin at home - yes, I have a big Tupperware bin, too!

"It's better to look good than to feel good!", as Fernando/Billy Chrystal would say. I live up to that quote, I think. ;-) But to look good, you have to do a lot of prep work. Skin, nails, hair and makeup, each with a bunch of products. As I have reminded my husband on more than one occasion when he complains at the amount of time I spending beautifying, "Perfection takes time, money and sometimes pain." ;-) I find that Gem has just about as many products as I do! Not all of these products are used every day, but I find our grooming requirements and routine to be very similar. Have I turned my horse into me???!!!!

I wash my hair 3 times a week and each time it takes about 20-30 minutes to dry and style it. Gem gets brushed, including his mane and tail, 3 times a week and it takes about 30 minutes each time.

I use one comb and two brushes to do my hair. Gem requires one comb and three brushes.

I put deep conditioner in my hair once a week. Gem gets conditioner/detangler once a week on his mane and tail.

I buff my nails. Gem's gets his hooves buffed.

I give myself a facial once a week. Gem gets his face and nostrils cleaned with a warm facecloth once a week (more in the summer).

I am "over-conditioned". Gem is "over-conditioned". We require "plus" size items.

I try to look put-together and I try to make him look put-together by coordinating his saddle, bridle, saddle pads, and saddle blankets.

I get my nails done every 6 weeks. Gem gets his feet done every 6 weeks. The cost is the same for both of us - $32.00.

Perhaps I was attracted to Gem because he reminded me of myself. He's big, with dark hair and eyes, a flirt, a bit bossy and likes to have fun. Me, too. :-)
I actually love grooming Gem. I could brush and fuss over him for hours if he could handle standing in cross-ties that long! I find it relaxing, and I think he does too. This is a picture from last summer, just as the sun was setting after our lesson. I think his beautification routine has paid off. He has slimmed down a bit since this picture - I wish I could say that I have! Do you think he knows he's handsome?? I wonder sometimes. I watch his body change when he's around other horses. He seems to stand taller and puff himself out when there are mares in the neighbourhood. Hey, how you doin'? Have I created a monster? Or was he already full of himself? Hmmmm, I wonder if he thinks I am a good accessory..... :-)

What was I thinking....?


  1. Gem is gorgeous and probably knows it. He deserves to have all his products to keep him beautified the same as you do. After all if it feels good do it. I'm sure you 'Look Mahvelous'too!

    My horses all match when they go out even if it's only around the farm. I try to wear clothes that coordinate with the horses, I always had a thing about wearing colors so we compliment each other. Don't ask my why, I just do. I'm sure a psychiatrist would have a field day with me.

  2. Well the shine in his coat has to match the shine in his eye! You've got a very handsome boy there, Wolfie.

  3. GHM - You and I are so alike!! I actually hesitated posting this particular picture of Gem because my shirt doesn't match his saddle pad!

    Shannon - Thanks! I am a proud mom.... :-)

  4. He's darn handsome and well deserving of a buff and polish regularly.

    Mine tend to be dirty. It's just too sad, really, they deserve more. I'm inspired and will endeavor to do better!

  5. He's absolutely gorgeous. I can tell lots of hard work goes into that coat! I love my grooming ritual too. It's such therapy for me. I think it makes me ride better because I'm more relaxed by the time I'm done.

  6. Gem is one handsome boy!! He is just gleaming in the afternoon sun! So very beautiful :)

  7. Good morning!

    Breathe (aka Cat Woman) - Nice to know that Gem and I can be an inspiration!

    Marissa - You are absolutely correct. I feel much more relaxed after I groom. It releases the tension in my body.

    Stephanie - Welcome! Thanks for your comments.