Monday, March 1, 2010

An Award - Wow!

I'd like to thank my mother and father for having me, my husband for putting up with me, my fifth grade teacher....

Sorry, I got carried away. :-) I got this award from Breathe at HorseCentric - thank you! and from Marissa at Tucker the Wunderkind - thank you! Right back at ya! :-) Breathe's blog, which allows us a peek at her family, work and horses, is here. Marissa's blog, which allows us to share her experiences and training with Tucker can be found here. I enjoy both of these blogs immensely.

The rules for this award are simple: Link back to where you got the award from, tell 7 things about yourself and give this award to 15 other blogs.

Tell 7 things about yourself:

My mother is Anglo-Indian and my father is from Newfoundland. What a combo - Mom was an Ava Gardner look alike and Dad reminded me of Lloyd Bridges. My sisters and I all have dark hair and dark eyes. I am the only one that ended up with freckles from my dad's side.

I smoked for 35 years and quit two years ago today! Yay!

My husband does a better job at laundry and cooking than I do and ends up doing both about 80% of the time. I am OK with that. :-)

I would NEVER leave the house without my eyes and lips on. :-) I don't mind my wrinkles though.

I cannot imagine my life without cats, dogs and now Gem.

My favourite colour is chartreuse.

I almost married for money, but gave my head a shake and married for comedy.

I have only been blogging and surfing blogs for the last few months. Of course, Marissa and Breathe have been very supportive of my new adventure. I am not sure if I can give them an award (is it allowed?), but if I could I would!! I don't know 15 blogs, but here's my list.

I have recently discovered 7MSN Ranch. I love the pictures, particularly of the burros, and the cast of characters. I get a smile on my face every time I visit.

I admire Shannon dedication to her beautiful horses Gwen and Coriander. You can share her experiences at It's Quarters for Me.

Horse of Course takes us on beautiful midnight rides on Fame through the beautiful Norwegian snow. Encountering wildlife is a common occurrence!

Teaching of the Horse is was one of the first blogs I found when I started researching horses and the responsibility of partnering with one, and I find the posts very thoughtful.

The Barefoot Horse is an excellent reference for me. Sophie is always accommodating and will try to address any questions you may have.

Canterbalance and I share some of the same challenges as riders who took up our passion later in life. :-)

I always appreciate Grey Horse Matters sharing her wealth of knowledge.

For your daily chuckle, visit Horse Laughs.

Thank you everyone!! I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do.


  1. Thanks so much for thinking of me. I really appreciate the kind comments about my blog too! I received this award a few days ago and put up my 7 answers already, but thank you again for giving me this award. I really like your blog and think you are one very funny lady.

    It's fun to find out more about you. You're lucky your husband cooks,I wish my husband could cook something besides an egg! We seem to have a lot in common, my husband is also a comedian.

  2. S. - you are welcome! You work hard with Gwen and Coriander and the results have been amazing even in the short time I have been following you.

    GHM - Your welcome and I really do appreciate your support. I agree with you - I think we probably do have a lot in common. :-)

  3. Thank you, Wolfie. I am honored to be on your list.

  4. Thanks Wolfie! I'm really glad that you're enjoying my blog and I wish you all the best in your partnership with Gem.

  5. Thanks for the award Wolfie. I'll put up my post as soon as I figure out how to link back to you. I've never done that before. It's probably going to be pretty easy and I'll feel silly. Again thank you! My first award! woot woot!

  6. You're very welcome! I have been really enjoying your blog :) And you've listed some I didn't know about.... time for some new reading material!